Cyber Essentials Scheme

Ensure your business is protected from cyber attacks with our Cyber Essentials plans. At Forensic Control we offer simple step-by-step guidance to help companies achieve cyber essentials certification with the minimum of fuss. Most of our clients pass at the first attempt.

Our Cyber Essentials Plans




per month for 12 months or a single payment of £1,200

Cyber Essentials Basic

Help at every step with our "hand-holding" approach

All application costs

Help with every question, via guided questionnaire

Unlimited phone & email support during certification

Free cyber security advisory for 12 months (30 mins/month)

Free cyber liability insurance for 12 months

Display the Cyber Essentials logo on your website



per month for 12 months or a single payment of £2,400*

Cyber Essentials Plus

Help at every step with our "hand-holding" approach

All application costs

Unlimited phone & email support during certification

Qualified external assessor auditing your security controls

Tests of a set of user devices, internet gateways & servers

Display the Cyber Essentials Plus logo on your website

Free cyber security advisory for 12 months (30 mins/month)

On-demand vulnerability testing on external IP addresses for 12 months




per month for 12 months or a single payment of £3,000*

Cyber Essentials Basic & Cyber Essentials Plus

Everything from both our Bronze and Silver Plans



per month for 12 months or a single payment of £5,400*

Cyber Essentials Basic, Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Standard, IASME Gold

Everything from our Bronze, Silver & Gold Plans

While Cyber Essentials focuses on technical set-up, IASME improves your security governance

Addresses physical security, staff awareness, backups & GDPR & more

Provision of all policy templates

Provides baseline compliance with ISO 27001

Get The Cyber Essentials Certifcation

The UK government, via the National Cyber Security Centre, has developed a programme called Cyber Essentials to help organisations like yours guard against common cyber threats. This involves securing and protecting devices, software, data and services. We're an accredited Cyber Essentials IASME certification body based in the centre of London.  We specialise in providing the simplest route possible to Cyber Essentials compliance.

Read more about the Cyber Essentials scheme with our Complete Guide to Cyber Essentials.


A Cyber Essentials certification is the ideal way to assure colleagues and clients that your business is committed to keeping data safe. At Forensic Control we offer simple step-by-step guidance to help companies achieve certification with the minimum of fuss. Clients who follow our advice always pass at the first attempt and become cyber essentials certified.

Stay safe with ongoing cyber security services

To make sure your corporate system is secure – and stays that way – we can provide 12 months of complementary support to cover the period of your certification, including an hour's advice on cyber security issues each month.


If you opt for our Cyber Essentials Plus plan, you also get monthly vulnerability scans on two of your internet-facing resources, such as your firewall and your AWS (Amazon Web Service).


Prices do not include VAT.  *Please contact for exact pricing. Cost dependent on number of operating system editions and builds

What is the Cyber Essentials certification?

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

The Government has teamed up with Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) and the Information Security Forum (ISF)  to create  Cyber Essentials. The end product is a set of basic technical controls to help businesses protect themselves against the ever increasing risk of cyber attacks. The certification draws alot from the government’s "10 Steps to Cyber Security" programme and administered by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre).

The Scheme officially launched in 2014 and is suitable for all businesses in any size and sector.

Why do I need Cyber Essentials? 

From 1 October 2014, the Government required any and all suppliers bidding for contracts involving the handling of certain sensitive and personal information to be certified against the Cyber Essentials scheme.

Unfortunately we live in a world where cyber attacks are common. Especially against small businesses. A cyber Essentials Certificate will give your business a good level of protection, The scheme’s five security controls can help protect you against 80% of cyber attacks.

It is also a chance to prove that you take your data and cyber security seriously to any potential business partner, suppliers or customers.

If at some point your business will be going for government contracts this is also vital. The scheme can also help reduce insurance premiums.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

Cyber Essentials Plus builds on the basic level of security that the standard cyber essentials provides. If you wish to get the cyber essentials plus accreditation your security controls will need to be evaluated by an external certification body.   You cannot gain this accreditation without first completing the standard cyber essentials scheme.

What's the difference between Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus?

The difference here is quite simple.  With cyber essentials you take an online questionnaire which is then reviewed, with cyber essentials plus your cyber security is independently tested and evaluated on-site. The five control themes remain exactly the same, and still need to be met, but the certification process is slightly different.

Cyber Essentials is essentially the DIY version, you'll need some technical knowledge. It's a great first step for a company to take to improve their cyber security and data handling procedures. With cyber essentials plus it's more of a level up and can be difficult to achieve, but this is where our plans come in. We can provide you with all the support you need to achieve the cyber essentials plus accreditation. 

We can help you with all the technical steps required and with our easy and straightforward approach we'll aim to explain everything in a language you can understand.


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