Digital & Computer Forensic Services In London

Since 2008 we've recovered & analysed evidence from 100s of devices that have been hacked or suffered data breaches. We help corporate clients resolve all types of security issues; from invoice fraud to intellectual property theft.

Experts in Business Computer Forensics and Investigations​

We help corporate clients resolve all kinds of security issues and answer questions like these:


  • How did invoice fraud occur and how do we stop it happening again?

  • Which files did someone copy to a USB stick in the days before they resigned?

  • What did an employee search for on Google, which websites did they visit, and when?

  • Can you put together a timeline of events? (For example: company files downloaded 10:15am, USB stick attached 10:16am, files deleted 11:15am)

We can do all that and more.

If you’re having problems with your company computer network or data security, contact the Forensic Control team and we’ll help as swiftly and efficiently as we can. 


Clear trustworthy advice

We appreciate you might need our services when you’re stressed or under pressure. Few of our clients are computer experts, so we explain our technical findings in plain English and always treat you with discretion and understanding.


Helping businesses make informed decisions at times of crisis

After our investigation, you get a detailed easy-to-read report containing solid evidence that can be admitted in court and tribunal proceedings. Following the data breach, we can offer practical support and services to help you prevent the issue(s) recurring.

What Our Clients Say

Forensic Control assisted us with the investigation into a civil case that consisted of highly intricate and concealed IT issues. ‌They produced two expert reports that were very well presented and dealt with the issues in a clear and succinct manner.‌

Robert Lloyd, Partner, Caytons Law

Forensic Control ‌provides the personable user-friendly service of a specialist firm with an end product and level of expertise & professionalism that is befitting of a market leader.‌

Sid Harding, Forensic Accountant, London

The help Forensic Control provided in connection with the investigation of a complex case of suspected IP theft was invaluable‌ – not only were you quick and easy to deal with but your analysis was extremely thorough and well presented. I would have no hesitation recommending your services to others

​Marcus Rowland, Partner, Wiggin LLP

Book A Computer Forensic Investigation & Report 

Forensic examination of a single computer costs £3,000 

What's Included

  • Create a forensic disk image (exact copy) of the device

  • Run expert analysis using advanced software and forensic workstations

  • Produce a report written in plain English (15 pages approx.)

  • Work in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers' Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence

  • Stay compliant with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure rules​


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